A word from the President

Dear colleagues,

I hope you are living with a good capacity to respond to the current situation across Europe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will leave deep traces: difficult, painful and traumatic, but also resilient by generating the capacity to open spaces which make possible to create new relationships in social groups, in different jobs and in families.

As you know, we were also facing a crisis situation in the relations between the different boards of EFTA which led to the resignation of our president Anne Chouhy and vice-president Thierry Darnaud, people with whom we had worked a lot in recent years and which had opened very important spaces to EFTA. We would like to thank them for all this work, their departure is a major loss.

The situation we experienced made us rethink the structure and organization of EFTA-CIM and also made us reflect on the need to reconstruct the internal relations between the three chambers of EFTA. The five of us have therefore decided to continue our mandate until the next EFTA congress in September 2022.

Here is the new composition of the Board of EFTA-CIM

President: Juan Antonio Abeijon
Vice-president: Martine Nisse
Secretary: Iva Ursini
Treasurer: Christian Defays
Member: Viola Sallay

We want to be a GROUP that works to improve internal relationship, to open meeting spaces, to effectively face the European crisis situation due to Covid-19 that we are experiencing, to present a systemic reflection and to work with families in different areas of public health.

We want to facilitate relations between members by activating new listening possibilities and by opening up areas of research that raise new expectations.
To achieve these goals, we will continue to be present in the various committees of EFTA.

We keep working, we need all of you. We are a group and we want to open up meeting spaces, especially now. We will send you information about what we do.

Warm greetings to all without risk of contagion.

Juan Antonio Abeijon
President of EFTA CIM