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A Word From The Chair

Good morning to all the Members of the Chamber of Individual Members (CIM)

Elected Chair of CIM, the historical base of EFTA, I have the honor to succeed Juan-Antonio Abeijon, whom I thank for all these years shared, for his generosity, his courtesy and his commitment in these years of change of EFTA.

On October 10, I gathered in Paris at the Centre des Buttes-Chaumont all the directors of CIM for our first live working meeting. Unanimously, Federico Ferrari (Italy) became our secretary, Maurizio Frisina (Belgium) the treasurer and Viola Sallay (Hungary) the vice-president of CIM. With Iva Ursini (Italy), Myriam Cassen (France) and Marie-Jeanne Schon (Luxemburg), the new CIM board has shown a strong desire to work together by sharing skills, experiences and singularities.

Our political line has been harmoniously defined and we are all, old and new, impatient to continue its implementation.

This will be a post #MeToo CIM…



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