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SAD NEWS: Mony Elkaïm passed away

Dear Colleagues,

In these days when we are living this very special situation due to COVID, the sad news of the death of Mony Elkaïm has reached us.

His departure is a very important loss in the space of systemic thinking and in the development of family therapy. Many trends that currently exist in Europe could not be understood without referring to the work of Mony ELKAIM.

He exercised the profession of family therapist in an excellent way (he spoke frequently of the cases for which he worked). He promoted training in family therapy by being present in the creation and training of many current reference institutes.

Mony ELKAIM has generated many contacts between training centers and family therapy centers (Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, England, Greece, Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal, etc…) and also between the continents, facilitating and developing relations between the United States and Europe, relations which have been built on the basis of the sharing of concrete practices in different areas of work with families and the deepening of theoretical references.

His commitment led him to be present in the creation of EFTA. This unique presence has continued throughout EFTA’s history and will undoubtedly continue to influence us.

Today we cannot think of “Resonances” in family therapy and as a family therapist without referring to Mony ELKAIM and all that he has written and transmitted over all these years.

Mony ELKAIM is and will be a reference in family therapy and neuropsychiatry. He will always be among us like the other great European pioneers whom we cannot forget and whose list is sadly growing: Mara Selvini, Luigi Boscolo, Gianfranco Cecchin, Salvador Minuchin, Rodolfo de Bernart, Luigi Onnis, Jose Antonio Ríos, Yvan Boszormenyi-Nagy and many more.

In his memory, we embrace you without risk of contagion.

Juan Antonio Abeijon (President of EFTA-CIM)
& the EFTA-CIM Board



A Word From The President

It is with pleasure that I have accepted to chair the Chamber of Individual Members after the recent resignation of Anne Chouhy who assured this function from 2013. I want to thank her for all the work accomplished.

I hope you are living with a good capacity to respond to the current situation across Europe caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will leave deep traces: difficult, painful and traumatic, but also resilient by generating the capacity to open spaces which make possible to create new relationships in social groups, in different jobs and in families.

We want to be a GROUP that works to improve internal relationship, to open meeting spaces, to effectively face the European crisis situation that we are experiencing, to present a systemic reflection and to work with families in different areas of public health. We want to facilitate relations between members by activating new listening possibilities and by opening up areas of research that raise new expectations.