28 Oktober - 30 Oktober 2024, Bordeaux, France

Intrafamily sexual violence: stepping out of denial together (DISCOUNT for EFTA MEMBERS)

EFTA CIM International Congress

Incestuous violence, marital rape, the perpetuation of violence from one generation to the next: these shocking realities, once hidden and now exposed, require and deserve to be a singular focus for all aid professionals.

In Europe, 1 in 5 children is a victim of sexual violence (European Parliament 2022).

The world is changing, societies are changing, and victims, made invisible by shame and guilt, need clinical and collective responses that match the complex traumas they’ve experienced.

Today, judicial responses concerning offenders of sexual violence, whether minors or adults, also include specific educational and therapeutic pathways.

To thwart the transgenerational repetition of incestuous violence and sexual violence within relationships, it is necessary to cross the knowledge, provoke encounters, and support debates.

What do family therapy, systemic approach, integrative therapies, network therapy, and psychotraumatology offer us today to detect, protect, prevent, and treat victims, perpetrators, and their families??

This European congress, organized by the Chamber of Individual Members (CIM) of the European Family Therapy Association (EFTA), is aimed at all professionals in the medico-social, legal, and educational fields who are involved in therapy, helping relationships, and the field of expertise.