European Passport Programme

EFTA-CIM has provided for a number of years a programme called: the European Family Therapy Passport. This passport is given to every new member. Juan Luis Linares took the initiative for this passport and explains the philosophy behind it.

For some years now we have heard speak of the importance of constructing a new Europe and of creating European networks. And for a number of years we have been involved in university programmes such as Erasmus, Leonardo or Socrates, which encourage the emergence of a European academic presence.

By the means of this family therapy passport, which is intended to encourage exchanges between student family therapists and their trainers in different European countries, EFTA wants to contribute in an important way to the establishment of a European psychotherapeutic presence.

What we foresee and hope is not only the improvement of the professional training of European therapists, but also the consolidation of different approaches and the development of European styles of systemic practice which integrate well with our historic and cultural identities.

We hope that in time similar experiments will see the light of day with other models of psychotherapy, thereby contributing to the spreading of a common psychotherapeutic thread across Europe.


Center City Email Details
Forestière-Groupe de Formation et de Recherche en Thérapie Systémique Bruxelles Details
Institut d’Etudes de la Famille et des Systèmes Humains (I.E.F.S.H.) Bruxelles Details
Institut Liégeois de Thérapie Familiale Liège Details


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Association Parisienne de Recherche et de Travail avec les Familles Paris Details


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Athenian Institute of Anthropos Athens Details
Institute of Family Therapy of the Open Psychotherapy Centre Athens Details
Laboratory for the Study of Human Relations Athens Details
Systemic Center for Training and Psychological Support (SKEPSYS) Athens Details
Therapy Center for Dependent Individuals Athens Details


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League for Family Support Foundation Budapest Details


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Centro di Studi e di Applicazione della Psicologia Relazionale Prato Details
Centro di Terapia Relazionale Tremestieri Etneo Details
EMMECI scrl Torino Details
Istituto di Psicologia e Psicoterapia Relazionale e Familiare Napoli Details
Istituto di Terapia Familiare di Firenze Firenze Details
Istituto Europeo di Formazione e Consulenza Sistemica (I.E.F.Co.S.) Roma Details
Istituto Europeo di Formazione,Consulenza Sistemica e Terapia Relazionale (I.E.F.Co.S.T.R.E.) Cagliari Details
Scuola di Psicoterapia della Famiglia “Mara Selvini Palazzoli” Milano Details


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Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Dpt of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Warsaw Details
Jagiellonian University/Collegium Medicum/Dpt of Child Psychiatry Krakow Details


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AGAPE Life Care Foundation (Fundatia Agape pentru Ocrotirea Vietii) Cluj Details


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Atenea Madrid Details
Centre de Terapia Familiar de Barcelona Barcelona Details
Escola de Terapia Familiar Hospital de San Pablo Barcelona Details
Escuela Vasco Navarra de Terapia Familiar (EVNTF) Bilbao Details
ITAD- Instituto de Tratamiento del Alcoholismo y otras Drogodependencias Madrid Details